Top 10 Motorcycle Blogs of 2013

silhouette of a motorcycle rider flying through the air

Which are the top motorcycle blogs in the world?

What we love about motorcycle blogging at the moment is that there’s such a wide variety of different blogs, each with its own unique flair and angle. You can’t really say which are the ‘best’. It’s an impossible task. But we’ll try!

Here are our top 10 favourite motorcycle blogs for 2013…

1. The Sunday Best (Gold)

With its distinctive clean design and photos featuring blue Californian skies, The Sunday Best is a celebration of the joys of motorcycling as experienced by the blog’s author, Mark Ryan Sallee. Our one complaint: we wish Mark posted more often!

2.Visor Down (Silver)

The blog section of UK motorcycle community Visor Down is great for bread-and-butter motorcycling news, with articles featuring everything from motorcycle videos to new product reviews.

3.Fuzzy Galore (Bronze)

There aren’t many motorcycle blogs written from a woman’s point of view. This is one of the best. Fuzzy Galore is written by New Yorker Rachael, who owns two bikes and a dirt bike. We love the great photos and unique slant that Rachael (a.k.a. ‘Fuzzy’) brings.

4.The Kneeslider

The Kneeslider is a no-frills affair that focuses squarely on great content. If you’re a hands-on motorcycle owner, keen to keep up with the latest industry news, this is the blog for you.

5.Helmet Hair

Helmet Hair is a motorcycle blog with a fun edge. The writer is dedicated to trying every motorcycle he gets near, and provides edgy reviews on all of them. He is particularly keen on reader participation, and as such he welcomes comments and discussions.

6.Atlas Rider

Atlas Rider is a great blog to dip into for those who have dreamed about biking around the world. The author talks about his journeys across the Americas, Europe, and Africa.

7.Cyril Huze

Cyril Huze is a custom motorcycle maker from Paris. His blog is dedicated to the world of custom motorcycles, covering all the latest industry news and products.

8.The Vintagent

The Vintagent is a loving delve into the world of vintage motorcycling, with plenty to interest anyone keen on motorcycle history.

9.Bike Exif

If you are looking for the ultimate in biking technology combined with delicious photography, Bike Exif provides it by the bucketload. As well as consistently reviewing the latest – and best – bikes, Bike Exif features accessories like full face helmets. The sharp design makes it easy to navigate, and readers have the opportunity to submit their bikes for review.

10.Faster and Faster

Faster and Faster is perfect if you want to learn more about what is happening around the world. As it is not location specific, it is a great place to learn about the latest innovations and developments in motorcycling.

That’s our top 10 for 2013. Which of your favourite motorcycle blogs have we missed?

Image by Georgio